Sailor surprises daughter at school after 7 months at sea

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A little girl got a very big surprise today at Pine Valley Elementary School.

For the last seven months, Navy Logistics Specialist Adam Samuel Peterson has been in Afghanistan. It’s been seven long months without his wife and their daughter Aleeya.

“She brings me up when I’m down,” Peterson said. “She’s a big part of my life.”

Peterson and his wife wanted to make this moment special for Aleeya. Her teacher Beverly Ladd couldn’t have agreed more.

“I bring in Skype with my classroom to connect my children to the world through lessons and experts,” Ladd said. “So, when mom was telling me dad is coming home, I said we have to incorporate this in with the Skype.”

They started with the first surprise. It was just a simple Skype with Aleeya’s class.

“The suspense is killing me,” Peterson said.

He played it off.

“You miss riding your bike with me?” Peterson said. “Yeah,” Aleeyah said.

Peterson didn’t give away the big reveal.

“Aleeya, I’ve got to go back to work,” Peterson said. “So, I’ll talk to you a little later. Okay?”

Peterson got ready to walk down the hall for the big surprise. It was a feeling he couldn’t put into words.

“I’m sorry I can’t speak right now,” Peterson said.

He walked flowers in hand to see his little girl. It was a moment they planned, but a moment they plan never to forget.

“This is something that will never go away with time,” Peterson said.

Peterson says they have to move back to his base station in Norfolk, Virginia. That move starts today, but he says he hopes he’ll never have to make this kind of surprise again.

“I don’t see that happening in the future, hopefully I’ll never have to leave them again,” Peterson said.

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