Scarves in the Port City continues warming hearts

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Volunteers hit the streets of Downtown Wilmington with scarves and hats for those in the community weathering the chilly temps with no place to go.
The group Scarves in the Port City collects donated scarves and leaves them tied to trees and benches with notes attached. With a mission to promote a kindness and a giving spirit throughout the year, the group hopes their efforts will encourage others to do good.
Barris Locklear, who says he was once homeless himself, admits that the group's mission is already inspiring him to give back.
"There are a lot of homeless people out on the streets, and yesterday I was kind of in a good mood to help as many homeless people as I can help out," Locklear said. "I went and bought a bunch of dollar burgers and passed them out to all the homeless people I could pass them out to."
Though volunteers say this is the last time they'll pass out scarves this year, they are always accepting donations and support to keep doing what they do. To see how the group's efforts are coming full circle, click here to check out their Facebook page.
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