School district, NAACP respond to Confederate flag disturbance at high school

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — An incident at West Brunswick High School has turned into a viral social media post and discussion about race. But the school system says this Confederate Flag controversy does not define the school.

According to Brunswick County Schools spokeswoman Jessica Swencki five students were involved when a Confederate flag was put on display in the school’s courtyard and then taken down and worn as a cape, creating a distraction to the learning environment.

“The issue at hand is truly the disruption,” Swencki said.

School leaders said the five students will be punished for disturbing fellow students according to the student code of conduct.

Swencki said it’s not a matter of anyone’s opinion of the Confederate Flag, this is about disrupting the campus environment for other students.

“If students create a significant disruption to our school environment that students can, in situations, be removed from that instructional environment until the disruption is no longer an issue,” Swencki said.

In a release the school system said it hoped this situation could spark civil discussions throughout the community and Brunswick County NAACP President Bernest Hewett agrees.

“This shows the school system that maybe there needs to be some changes made,” Hewett said.

Those changes will start with a conversation.

“We live under the American flag. The Confederate flag is part of our past and me as a black person it holds no value to me,” hewett said.

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