Soccer classic scores the Port City an economic boost

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The 25th Annual Seaside Soccer Classic in Wilmington was not a complete wash out, the field still was able to see some goals despite the weekends rain.

“Every tournament that we do sort of has its own story and this one is probably all about the rain on Saturday,” Wilmington Hammerheads Youth Executive Director Carson Porter said.

More than 300 teams and hundreds of soccer players from different states hit the field for the classic. A tournament Porter said brings the Port City about an $8 million impact.

“I think everybody loves coming here because of the soccer I think, but also because of Wilmington. It’s great, you know, our city that we love,” Porter said.

One soccer player, Molly Widderich agrees she said this is her favorite tournament.

“I just like where it is and how we get to go to the beach and pool afterwards all as a team, same hotel and do everything together,” Widderich said.

While the weather was not the best Widderich said she didn’t mind and that it’s a new lesson she will build from.

“You just had to learn how to work with like the puddles. You couldn’t play as easily through, and it was definitely a learning experience,” Widderich said.

Porter said they worked with the rain the best they could and kicked it into a positive.

“Soccer wise this is a learning experience for them. It’s not going to be the prettiest soccer that you’ll ever see on the field, but for teams to kind of get together and compete and sort of learn and how to play in these kinds of conditions, there’s something really positive about that,” Porter said.

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