Some small businesses welcome new growth, others concerned

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — WWAY has told you about the Brunswick Boom: new developments and a lot of growth heading to the Leland area. With new restaurants, shops, and office space, some local businesses are concerned while others are welcoming the growth.

For the most part, small businesses are in support of the new developments like the Joyce Irish Pub, Family Dog Naturals and Seaglass Salvage Market.

“I mean we need it,” Seaglass Salvage Market Owner, Kelli Benton said. “I live in Leland as well as own a business here. I live in Compass Pointe which is right up the road here. And there’s really not a lot of options for us.”

Most of the local businesses are looking forward to the developments bringing more people to the area. But they all hope their regulars keep coming in.

“We hope that our customers and even people just continue to shop local and help support the local communities that we live in,” Family Dog Naturals Owner, Betsy Head said.

Unlike the other businesses mentioned, Family Dog Naturals has a direct competitor coming to town, Petsense. Owners Betsy and David Head say it is something they knew would happen one day.

“I think it would be silly to say we didn’t have any concerns. I mean we have a direct, you could say, competitor moving in and it’s a big box store. We knew inevitably it would happen. And there’s a good point and there’s a bad point. We’re very happy to see the growth in the town we live in,” David Head said.

On the other hand, Head says he is concerned Petsense may have cheaper products but hopes their loyal customers will continue supporting the local business.

In efforts to raise awareness, Lara Bair created a Facebook page called ‘Leland NC Small Businesses‘. Bair posts about all the businesses in the area and why shopping local is so important.

“I think it’s awesome. I love everything about it. I think it’s a great tie for our community and to help support. And I love everything about it,” Betsy Head said.

Most of the new developments are scheduled to be finished by the fall.

To see a full list of the new shops and restaurants heading to Leland, click here.

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