Sources: Mecklenburg County Public Health monitoring 4 people for coronavirus

CHARLOTTE (WSOC) — The Mecklenburg County Health Department is monitoring four people for coronavirus, a source tells Channel 9. The source stressed there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mecklenburg County and the threat is still considered very low. The four people were not in China’s Hubei province, the center of the outbreak where the most deaths and confirmed cases have occurred.

Individuals from the most affected province in China are being routed to locations for a 14-day quarantine, while others from China are being assessed at the airport and are considered medium risk. If they don’t have symptoms, they are sent home for a voluntary quarantine.

It is then the health department’s job to monitor those people for 14 days from their last possible exposure. Mecklenburg County was notified they are receiving four of these individuals Friday, the source said.

Mecklenburg County communicable disease staffers are in contact with the four people.

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