South Carolina abortion ban could bring hundreds to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While North Carolina and Virginia still allow abortion until the point of viability, surrounding states are enacting their own bans.

Monday, South Carolina passed what they call a Fetal Heartbeat Bill, banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Wilmington’s Planned Parenthood is the closest location to the South Carolinian border.

Just like in Texas, Planned Parenthood says we can expect an influx of people traveling to our region for abortions from South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Georgia. This could lead to longer wait times.

“Patients are going to be seeking care in Wilmington,” said Planned Parenthood South Atlantic CEO, Jenny Black. “And we may find that we can provide that care for them sooner elsewhere, which could mean even longer travel for them.”

Some North Carolina abortion clinics have already begun preparing for the increase in patients, expanding hours and hiring more staff.

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