Southport teacher offers students tips to relieve test taking stress in preparation for the EOG’s

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) —It’s testing time for students across the Cape Fear area, as they gear up for their end of grade exams. One Brunswick County teacher is offering tips, hoping to encourage giggles and take away the stress of test taking for students.

Last spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges for schools, Southport Elementary School Kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Boehmer, created “Mrs. Roller”, hoping to bring laughter to the virtual, hybrid, and in-person classroom.

Now, as the school year draws to an end, “Mrs. Roller” has returned, to offer tips and tricks, on how to relieve testing anxiety and stress for students as they prepare for their end of grade tests, also known as EOG’s.

“I saw that as a mother, I needed to do something for my own children, and then that kind of went into all of the children that I’ve taught, and how much I love them, and I wanted them to know that it’s okay, it’s just a test,” said Stephanie Boehmer, Southport Elementary Kindergarten teacher. “It is not determining your worth, it’s just a test.”

Boehmer said since introducing Mrs. Roller to students, she believes it helped distract them from the challenges the pandemic presented to their learning environment.

“Having Mrs. Roller be that little bit of silly normalcy; I think helped us push through these dark spots. She is a ray of sunshine, she is ridiculous, and she helped us to push through and know that this is not a forever mode,” said Boehmer.

Mrs. Roller herself said she is glad to bring smiles to students faces, as classrooms continue to return to normalcy.

“As long as the schools need me to come and inspire, and encourage, and smile, I love bringing in sunshine so as long as I’m needed, I’ll be around,” said Mrs. Roller.

The US Department of education announced in February that it would not allow states to skip federally required standardized testing in schools this year, but would allow flexibility to delay testing or hold them online during the pandemic.

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