Spunky squirrel goes viral, ice cream shop has ‘best summer ever’

HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) — We told you about Putter, the ice cream eating squirrel from Holden Beach, back in April.

Following our story, Putter went viral. Her story got national and world wide attention.

We went back down to Brunswick County to see how the summer went and how Putter made it ‘the best summer ever’.

It was quite a surreal season for Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Golf owners Scott and Pam Martin to say the least.

“Business wise it’s been incredibly busy,” Scott said. “Putter has been here everyday and has been a huge part of that.”

Day after day, Putter or “Put Put” climbs down from her tree above Fantasy Isle to munch on her own little pint size sweet treat, an almond soy milk and honey mixture topped with scoop of sugar free vanilla.

The Martins say they have see a lot of new faces and curious customers stop in to take a peek for themselves.

“8 out of 10 people know about Putter or want to know about Putter,” Scott said.

While thousands have come by, a few moments have stuck out beyond the rest.

Pam said one woman traveled all the way from Kentucky to see Putter. For Scott, his most memorable moment was when a 91-year-old woman and her son visited. She wasn’t in the best health so her short, but special encounter with Putter she said made her whole week.

“You think it’s a silly little thing like a squirrel but then you get a day like that where it makes a big impact on somebody’s lives, that’s pretty special,” Scott said.

With the extra attention lately, they say it can get a little nutty.

“It’s been exhausting at times,” Pam said. “We have told the story over and over again but we are still enjoying it.”

Putter is not the only squirrel inside the trees but they say sure stands out from the others.

“They just don’t act like she does and they don’t seem to take her lead,” Scott said. “They are squirrels and she just wants to be a little different.”

The Martins say they have had an outpouring of community support and it’s all for a little squirrel with one spunky personality.

“It has been a bigger story than us,” Scott said. “It’s been about the area and the people that live here.”

Fantasy Isle will be open weekends from now through Halloween.

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