20th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade brings business boom to downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The St. Patrick’s Day parade brings joy and good memories to citizens of Wilmington, but it also brings business to restaurants and stores that suffered from the damages that Florence caused.

The parade served as the shot in the arm that they needed.

Hayley Jensen, the owner of Beer Barrio says that events like this help their business compensate for the time lost.

“Any time there are big festivals, concerts, any sort of gathering, people in town for wedding events and things of that nature, it’s always is a big boost for us. We are always happy when it’s a festival weekend and when there’s a reason for so much foot traffic downtown,” said Jensen.

Penka Heusinkveld, a server at Dixie Grill explained that Saturdays are always busy, but today was even more busy than usual. They even had to schedule more servers.

“Right after the parade ended we had a swarm of people come in, but it’s nothing we can’t handle,” said Huesinkveld.

For some, the parade is just an excuse to have a good time.

“I’m having a lot of fun today at the parade,” said Annie Roseel.

“I’m here with my parents and my friends and I’m having a lot of fun,” said Annie’s friend Paz Mathews.

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