‘Stargazer’ fish found on the beach along the northern Outer Banks

(Photo: Callie Lee Mallow)

FALSE CAPE STATE PARK, VA (WWAY) — Two people recently made quite the discovery while shell hunting along the Virginia side of the Outer Banks.

Callie Lee Mallow and Ashley Claiborne came across a big “ugly fish” with rows of sharp teeth laying on the beach during their walk.

According to the shell-hunters, the fish chomped down when they put a shell next to its mouth, surprising them that it was still alive.

After contacting Lil’E at OBX Bait and Tackle in Corolla, it was determined the fish was known as a Stargazer, due to their top-mounted eyes.

According to a Facebook post, it turns out the fish really is as shocking as it looks. The Stargazer has an organ that gives off an electrical shock of up to 50 volts. It wouldn’t be likely to kill anyone, but certainly enough to “ruin your day.”

Behind the eyelids and pectoral fins are spines that are venomous. Again, it won’t kill you but it will hurt a lot. So of you handle one, you are advised to be careful.

They are edible, although not known to be delectable. Their flavor is more commonly known as a “poor man’s lobster.”

In the end, this “ugly but cute” Stargazer didn’t get eaten.

Callie and Ashley helped it back in the water, where it swam away, back to sea.

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