Sunshine and summer temps mean beaches full of families and friends

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — After a long, cold winter and a stormy spring, the summer weather has arrived, and beach goers are out in full swing this weekend.

Kure Beach was full of families and friends who were lured out by the sunny skies and warm temperatures. A lot of locals came out to enjoy a weekend by the water, but a lot of North Carolinians from across the state traveled to get a glimpse of summertime by the seaside.

Venice Kimber said the weather’s nice in her hometown of Mebane, but it’s beach weather, so she wanted to spend some time on the shore.

“It’s beautiful, outstanding,” Kimber said. “It’s almost like summertime.”

“It’s perfect! The weather’s perfect,” beach goer Deborah Lanning said. “There’s the right amount of people here. There’s not a thing that’s bad about it. It’s wonderful.”

Lanning, of Burlington, said she’s retiring next month, so she’s looking forward to a summer full of soaking up the sunshine and lying out by the water.

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