Superintendents all over NC meet over concern for future class sizes

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Superintendents from all over the state met today to share similar concerns over future class sizes and how House Bill 13 could affect each county.

From Pender County, to Craven County to Carteret County and everyone in between, superintendents all over North Carolina are all sharing the same concern.

A new law will force school districts to cut K-3 classrooms from 24 students to between 19 and 21 students. That is why the superintendents are all advocating for House Bill 13 to give them class size flexibility.

“It’s two issues for us,” Pender County Schools Superintendent Terri Cobb said. “It’s the teachers and the facility space.”

Pender County Schools Superintendent Terri Cobb said it would cost them about $3 million to get 25 more teachers and classrooms. New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Tim Markley said it would also mean cuts.

“To create those 48 positions, I would have to eliminate art, music, PE, instructional coaches and look at our assistant principals and other positions and it would impact all the way up to the high school with increased class sizes,” Markley said.

So far, lawmakers have shown them some support. The House unanimously approved House Bill 13, which is rare, but the Senate is holding it right now. House Bill 13 may be on hold for now, but Markley said they are not holding back their cries for help.

“We need a resolution and we need one quickly,” Markley said.

The Senate has not done anything with HB 13 since its first reading on Feb. 20.

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