Surfer talks about dramatic water rescue in Emerald Isle

It was caught on video and is now an internet viral video.

Three surfers came to the aid of a swimmer caught in a rip current in Emerald Isle. Lauren Butta captured the scene on video as Adam Outlaw, Graham Hunt and Ian Shulte sprang into action after noticing the swimmer when people on the pier got their caught their attention.

The three swam towards the swimmer and were eventually able to put her on their boards and get to shore. Outlaw, the son of New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw, said it all took about 10 minutes as they fought the rip current to bring the woman in.

“If you see somebody and you don’t go to help, I don’t know if you could live with that,” Outlaw said. “Instinct just takes over and you’re fighting for survival for them.”

Red flags were out at the Emerald Isle beach again to warn swimmers about the rip currents. On Wednesday, Emerald Isle Town Manager Frank Rush announced swimmers may be cited for ignoring the flags and getting into the water.

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