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Man dies in waters off Cape Hatteras shore

A Virginia man pulled from the surf of a North Carolina beach is dead.

Wednesday is Manatee Appreciation Day!

The last Wednesday of March is dedicated to celebrating one gentle giant sea creature: the manatee.

Teens turning the tide on plastic at area beaches

Keeping our beaches clean is a big job and Teen Ocean Stewards at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher are stepping up to help.

Everybody on plane survives crash landing in Pacific lagoon

All 47 passengers and crew survived a plane's crash landing in a Pacific lagoon Friday morning, wading through waist-deep water to the emergency exits and escaping on local boats that came to the rescue in the Micronesia archipelago.

Florence runoff taints area waters, experts warn to stay out

Waters off much of the North Carolina coast are no longer safe for swimming or even wading due to Hurricane Florence runoff, according to a warning posted by the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Swimming alert issued for portion of Holden Beach

The state has issued a swimming alert for one portion of Holden Beach after tests showed high levels of bacteria.

Surfer talks about dramatic water rescue in Emerald Isle

It was caught on video and is now an internet viral video. Three surfers came to the aid of a swimmer caught in a rip current in Emerald Isle.

VIDEO: Surfers rescue woman caught in rip current along NC beach

With the threat of rip currents still present along most of the North Carolina coast - Emerald Isle leaders are issuing a warning to those who ignore the posted red flags. 

Saltwater poisoning kills dog at Florida beach

Chris Taylor and his black Labrador recently spent a few hours at Honeymoon Island Dog Beach in Florida. Unfortunately for Taylor, that time at the beach ended up killing his dog.

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