VIDEO: Surfers rescue woman caught in rip current along NC beach

EMERALD ISLE, NC (WWAY/WNCN) — With the threat of rip currents still present along most of the North Carolina coast – Emerald Isle leaders are issuing a warning to those who ignore the posted red flags.

The National Weather Service forecast moderate rip current risk so Emerald Isle leaders are allowing red flags to remain in place.

Red flags indicate dangerous conditions and show that swimming is prohibited.

“Town emergency personnel have responded to several water rescue calls in recent days.  These irresponsible individuals are putting themselves, other beach visitors who may be inclined to enter the water to assist them, and our emergency personnel at risk unnecessarily,” the Town said in a release.

Anyone swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at Emerald Isle may be cited, the town said.

This does not apply to those surfing or taking part in boating activities.

The red flags will continue to fly until conditions improve.

Lauren Butta shared a video of surfers rescuing a woman who got caught in a rip current near Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle Tuesday. Thankfully, everyone returned to the beach safely.

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