‘Teacher of the Month leads ‘gym class’ without a gym

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the weather gets colder, more activities across the Cape Fear are moving indoors. However one thing that can’t move indoors is Johnathan Sidbury’s physical education class at Alderman Elementary School.

Mr. Sidbury has worked at Alderman for nearly a decade, coming up with creative ways to get kids active.

“I try to do some of the things my P.E. teachers taught me,” Sidbury said. “Like every time I bring something out, like the scooters for example, it takes me back to when I used to ride the scooters.”

The veteran teacher says he discovered his love for physical education through his own weight loss journey.

“At that time I was like 369 lb. so I decided to work out and then I figured out that’s my passion, to help kids and be healthy,” he said. “So that’s why I teach now.”

Although he loves Alderman, Sidbury says not having an on-site gymnasium can get tricky. During inclement weather, he can only bring kids inside for classroom activities. He says the kids are always up for the challenge.

“It feels good, I always grew up like that with my parents,” Sidbury said. “We didn’t have a lot so we had to make things work. So that’s what I do now.”

As WWAY Teacher of the Month, Sidbury was awarded $400 by Fulford Heating and Cooling and Hamilton Realty Group.

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