Teacher of the Week: Alice Carney

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Alice Carney is a very busy teacher!  In addition to her regular curriculum she gets her second graders involved in lots of other projects in the hope of having them ready to face the future!

As the WWAY Michael and Son Teacher of the Week, Carney says “it is so nice to be recognized, it’s really cool!”

At Sunset Park Elementary School, Carney organized the African-American Read-In Program.  “We invite guests to ready books written by African-American authors,” she says, “it’s just a way to celebrate literacy and black history month.”

She also instituted Dress for Excellence days where the children are taught how to present themselves professionally.  “We even have men come in to teach the boys  how to tie a necktie,” she says.  “Once a week we dress for excellence.”

Going to college is very important to Carney and she works hard to make sure her second graders know they can attend.  “College days,” she says, “are all about helping them understand how to set achievable and tangible goals.  They can go to college if they work hard and use good life skills.”

In the end, however, she wants all her student to know it’s always best to be a “productive citizen and a person of integrity.”

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