Teacher of the Week: Austin Adams

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Austin Adams’ son Miles thinks his dad is “like Han Solo from ‘Star Wars'” so he got to tag along to see his father be Teacher of the Week.

Mr. Adams is a teacher at Forest Hills Global Elementary  School in Wilmington and his son is not his only fan.  Multiple nominations called him trustworthy and a good role model, but he feels “just happy to be a teacher.”

He comes from a family of teachers and counts both his grandparents as inspiration.  “People remembered who they were years later and it was awesome to see and I wanted that,” he says.

Coming to teaching after a career in sales that left him feeling like he “didn’t have much meaning,” Adams says he thinks he’s found a career for life.

In the end he says he just wants his students to “treat people nice.  If you’re nice to people and treat people with respect; the rest of your life is going to go very easily.”

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