Teacher of the Week: Deborah Cotton

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Sometimes we need change in our lives to make ourselves happier. Whether it is something as small as a haircut or something as big as relocating, at times a change of scenery can help us feel complete.

Although it can be difficult to follow your heart, that’s exactly how our Teacher of the Week found herself in front of a class.

Teachers wear many throughout the day. Not only are they the head of the classroom, they motivate like a cheerleader, and pass on wisdom like a scholar.

Deborah Cotton, an 8th grade teacher at Murray Middle School, adds her personal touches to her lesson plans with what she calls “Cotton-Tales.”

“Normally they have a moral to them, or a character lesson,” she said.

If you spend any period of time in Mrs. Cotton’s classroom, you would think she had been instructing for a lifetime. However, she had to hang up a hat she previously wore to try this new one on for size.

“I was an insurance executive for twenty-five years. Then, I hit my midlife crisis,” said Cotton.

At the age of 46, Cotton said she decided to make a career change and get her teaching certification. A decision she said filled a huge void in her life.

“Every day I come in and I am smiling,” she said. “Every day I come home like ‘Ah! I can’t wait for the next day.”

As she puts on that hat day in and day out, it is constantly a perfect fit, even beyond the classroom.

“Sometimes when I sit down with papers, I’ll pour a fresh cup of coffee and go ‘Ok, this is a good night,’ ” said Cotton.

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