Teacher of the Week: Kelsey Gage

CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) —  Kelsey Gage is both a teacher and a coach at Holly Shelter Middle School and says she loves them both equally.  She teaches math to seventh graders and is also the school cheerleading coach.

“Being involved with the squad is fun,” she says, “but math is where I feel I can make the most difference.”

Several people nominated Gage for the WWAY Michael and Son Teacher of the Week and it is an honor which surprised her, but also excited her.

“It makes me feel really good and proud to do what I do and know that I can make a difference. I can really help these kids who have never understood math or not been very good in school to make them feel like they can actually be successful and get it.”

To help them understand, she brings her lessons to their world.  “I try to engage them with real world situations to make them feel like it actually relates to their life,” she says.  “I try to make it fun so they feel like they can do it and I feel like it works pretty well.”

Classes are about more than just math.  “I try to make my kids realize that it’s not just what you know,” Gage says. “It’s what you do with it and how you interact with people and things you do besides the work like being nice and helping other people,”

She says she is planning to use her $200 prize money for school supplies and to go further in having fun while learning math.


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