Teacher of the Week: Mary Tyndall

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sweet sounds fill the hall at Codington Elementary School as Mary Tyndall leads her first grade music class around the room singing their lesson for the day.

“It just makes learning fun,” she says of music.  “You can’t just pencil it in.  You have to hear it and feel it.”

For 25 years she has been teaching children of all ages that music education is just like any other subject in school.  Her goal, however, is to show her students that “music can be a lifelong love.”

After first considering a job as a reporter, Ms. Tyndall says she finally got the courage to tackle teaching and her students remind her every day it was the right decision.

Even after so many years Ms. Tyndall says she hopes “students take from my class the love of learning in general and being kind to others and developing relationships with others.”  She adds she also wants to give them ‘the love of music and the arts.”

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