Team of the Week: North Brunswick Scorpions

The Scorpions earn the award after their second win against rival South Brunswick this season

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — When the #9 ranked Scorpions found out that waiting for them in the first round was #24 South Brunswick, some players did not know how to feel about it. Wide receiver Seth D’Louhy was at the NC Central game with some teammates Saturday morning when he got word.

“The first time we played them it was an awful game for us. We didn’t execute at all,” said D’Louhy. “We knew if we would just execute and do things that we normally do in practice and other games that we can score even more points. We were looking forward to playing someone maybe 2 hours away and them having to game plan against us. But once reality kicked in, we knew we had to focus on them.”

In the first matchup, the final score was 14-10, with standout quarterback R.J. Green leading a game winning drive on a bad ankle by finding D’Louhy in the end zone. On Friday night, the offense scored 47 points, with Green tossing 5 touchdown passes, warranting a chant from the student section of ‘R.J. Magic’.

“We didn’t get too many people involved the first time we played them, then obviously this last game everybody got the rock,” said D’Louhy.

A few of those breakout performers were juniors Dom’ahnic Atkinson-Bell (D.A.B.) and Jayden Armstrong. DAB had 6 carries for 1 touchdown, 5 catches for 1 touchdown, a big punt return, and completed a pass. Armstrong had 2 touchdowns on 4 catches, and a big 38-yard reception to put the Scorpions in the red zone.

It’s Armstrong’s first year at North Brunswick, and in North Carolina. He was candid about his growth, saying the family sense he has joined helped him mature into his roll as a playmaker.

“I was horrible. But ever since I have been with Coach Davis and the supporting cast, it helped me a lot. Being involved in this crazy offense that I’ve never been around, having R.J throw that rock to me, Seth (D’Louhy) and Caden (Cook), it’s been amazing,” said Armstrong. “When I came out here I said ‘Dang these are some good players. I don’t think I am going to start’ but they helped me a lot. It’s all about family. They’re really supportive of me. I’ve learned every single day. I enjoy it.”

D.A.B. is in his first year as a Scorpion as well, but he transferred from another MEC school, Laney. Coach Davis said he knew he’s always had ability, but it took him some time to adjust to the Scorpion playbook.

“He’s found his roll. He can do a lot of different things. He’s starting to figure it out. The first few weeks he was here it was so foreign for him just because of terminology. Now everything is starting to slow down for him and he’s showing his worth,” said Davis.

All of it was possible, because of R.J. Green playing near perfect football on a hurt ankle he claimed was at 90%, but added that may have been a fib. His 12-14 passing for 233 yards and 5 touchdown performance moves him within striking distance of the schools all time passing yards mark, and the single-season touchdown record to both be broken next game. Coach Davis is not surprised.

“RJ is such a good kid. He’s grown so much physically and mentally over the last three years. I think it’s his eyes, his confidence. He is certainly much more confident now because he’s got some kids around him too that are making some plays,” said Davis.

Part of that confidence, Davis adds, is great performances from those juniors.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Scorps were short-handed. Junior safety Jordan Jackson, who is second on the team in tackles, was out with injury. The Scorpions decided to play D’Louhy in his spot, who is no stranger to defense, but has not played a lot of it this year.

“I wasn’t really sure if I was going to play there or not. Game-time decision, we found out he wasn’t going to play,” said D’Louhy. “Big game. I knew I had to fill those shoes.”

D’Louhy played only DB as a sophomore, but said his next man up mentality stemmed from wanting Jackson to be able to experience playoff football. The only way for that to happen was to win.

“I had to fill that gap he left behind. I was not trying to let Jordan down because I wanted to give him another week to play in the playoffs.”

He, and the whole team, did just that. The Scorpions travel to play #8 Westover Friday night.


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