Thrift store finds 150-year-old marriage certificate

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — The hunt is on for the stars of a love story spanning nearly 150 years.

It starts in Brunswick County, where Hope Chest Thrift Store’s Pam Phelps was cleaning an antique print. She found an almost 150 year old marriage certificate hidden in the frame.

The certificate is so old and faded, you can’t make out the couple’s last name. It does say it was issued in 1875 Bordentown, New Jersey to William, the groom, and Katey, the bride.

The painting dates back to 1889 and was donated last week. Now, the store is trying to find any living family members and needs your help.

“We’re going to try. In fact, we’re trying now,” said Phelps. “We’ve got it on Facebook, so, we’ve got the word out. If anybody has any idea or can help us at all, that would be great.”

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