Tinder offering new $500 a month subscription

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Tinder may soon start offering a $500 a month subscription (Photo: MGN)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How much would you pay to use one of the most popular dating apps?

Tinder wants to know your level of motivation in a pricey new membership that it might offer soon.

The app is gauging user interest in a $500 a month commitment.

At this point, Tinder’s parent company — Match Group — hasn’t revealed what additional benefits users would get.

Another one of the company’s dating apps — Hinge — is also rolling out a pricier membership level.

For its “highly motivated daters”, there’s a tier of $50 to $60 a month and up from a current $35 version.

Benefits would include subscribers’ “likes” seen faster by other users, along with better profile recommendations.

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