Tips to keep your packages safe during the holidays

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — ‘Tis the season for thieves, and with many people shopping on Cyber Monday there are a few things you should be aware of especially when waiting for your packages to arrive.

Tracking your packages is the first step to making sure your belongings do not get stolen. Wilmington UPS store owner, Laura Nasser says keeping tabs on your items is very important.

“Get that tracking number from your online retailer. Because that will help you track your package across the country and you’ll see if there is something called an exceptions, it means that something has happened it’s hit a bump in the road and it’s going to take a little more time to get your package,” Nasser said.

A big threat each year, crooks stealing packages from peoples front porch.

Although Wilmington Police say they have not seen an increase recently, they say it is always nice to be prepared.

“You want to think ahead of time if you’re not going to be home maybe request a signature before someone drops off and leaves, or arrange for a neighbor to pick it up,” Wilmington Police Officer, Michael DeRosa said.

UPS also has a new program to keep packages safe.

“It’s called access point, and if you’re not home when the driver goes to deliver your package instead of leaving it there on your porch where they might have some issues with it, they will bring it to your local UPS store where you can pick it up at your convenience,” Nasser said.

Officer DeRosa says to always be aware of those in your neighborhood during the holidays.

“You know the neighbors that live in your neighborhood. You know what cars are usually there which ones aren’t, if you see something strange in your neighborhood call 911 let us know about it we’ll roll through and check it out,” DeRosa said.

Another tip for online shoppers, always use secure wifi, that is one way scammers and hackers gather private information. They also say to keep an eye on your bank accounts throughout the holidays for any extra charges.

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