Town council decides not to renew contract with Leland Fire and Rescue

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Leland decided not to re-sign the contract they’ve had with Leland Fire and Rescue for about 16 years.

Back in May, Leland Fire and Rescue was placed probation by the NC Department of Insurance which spurred the presentation that was made tonight. Currently Leland Fire and Rescue is an independent group that has a contract with the Town of Leland.

Town Manager David Hollis presented town council with several options tonight, including that the town seek a merger with Leland Fire and Rescue. Council decided to go with that option, meaning they will not renew the current contract with Leland Fire and Rescue as an independent group.

“Following tonight, after everybody cools down, is that I’ll contact Chief (John) Grimes and he and I will begin to talk about what a merger would look like,” said Hollis.

“What services does the town want? What services can we provide? And then how do we negotiate that out. Is it a merger? Is it through contract? And I still believe a contract is the option,” Grimes said.

Hollis said there is a lot of what he calls “intangible benefit” for the town providing the service directly including the ability to have oversight and the ability to provide another service through the town.

This doesn’t mean folks will see any sort of change just yet. Hollis said the current contract runs through June 30, 2017.

Chief Grimes said he is optimistic the right decision will be made for the town moving into next year.

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