Town of Belville sets eyes on growth and expansion

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Now that the Town of Belville has a new town hall, plans are on the horizon for a Belville boom.

The town slowly built up the surrounding area by adding a boardwalk and fishing deck to their park. Now they want to add a restaurant and other shops, provide a shelter for the farmers market and create an area similar to Mayfair.

“We’re really looking forward to it. I think the people in our town are very happy with what’s going on. It’s a process of attracting those businesses here that will benefit the town and increase the amount of employment that we have here in the town,” Mike Allen, Belville Mayor, says.

Commissioner Joe Breault says four years ago, there was basically nothing.

“We came up with the idea of doing something to enhance the image of Belville. Frankly, six years ago, the town was at a crossroads. We had no identity, no direction, no guidance and no civic pride. There was nothing for the citizens to be proud of. Basically, there was those people who questioned whether Belville should even exist,” Breualt says.

Many of these plans are part of the town’s five year plan. Breault says he hopes within ten years, the boardwalk will expand all the way to the battleship.

“We’re hoping that the things that we’re doing are going to stimulate businesses and serve as an economic engine to bring more industry to this portion of the county,” Breault says.

Breault says some of these ideas are still up for negotiation.

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