Travelers support easing rules for electronics on flights

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Travelers may soon be able to use electronics longer in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into changing its policies.

We see it everywhere: People on their cell phones, tablets and laptops. It’s become part of our culture.

“We’re in a world that technology is just changing our lives,” traveler Courtney Brinkman said.

Airplanes for decades have had restrictions on when travelers can use their electronics, but the FAA’s policy on electronics is now up in the air.

“It would just make it more convenient, because I wouldn’t have to turn off my music before the flight,” traveler Chris White.

If the FAA does change its rules you will soon be able to use your electronics, like this tablet, during taxi, takeoff and landing.

“I do a lot of reading of magazines on the tablet, so it will be nice during that ten minutes when you are first taking off,” traveler Eric Kirby said.

When you fly, flight attendants request you stow your electronics during the beginning and end of the flight.

“It’s just annoying,” White said.

Brinkman said, “It’s just a hassle to throw it under and then bring it back out again.”

The FAA gave an advisory panel until September to put its recommendations together, but the agency says there will be no changes to the policies regulating cell phones on planes. Some are thankful that possibility is grounded.

“I don’t like listening to other people’s conversations,” Kirby said. “But I kind of think that in those crowded spaces, it’s probably a good idea to keep the cell phone use down.”

For now, you’ll have to wait to see if this change will get its wings and flies.

Some researchers believe electronic devices are not a threat at higher altitudes and at the beginning and ending of the flight as people used to think.

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