Trooper, wife file civil rights suit against Brunswick County sheriff

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County couple says the sheriff has been harassing them for years. They say they became targets after they made a contribution to one of John Ingram’s political rivals in 2010.

According to their lawsuit Charles and Andrea Nance say the harassment started after they donated money to Tim Daniels, who ran against Ingram for sheriff. They say once Ingram found out, he asked the SBI to investigate the prescription records of Mrs. Nance’s business Carolina Shores Healthcare. Mr. Nance says the sheriff told him his wife’s prescriptions have caused more than 60 deaths in the county. The couple says the SBI told them and Ingram there were no records of any issues with Mrs. Nance’s prescription practices.

In 2011, the Nursing Board said it had received complaints about Mrs. Nance writing excessive prescriptions for methadone. The couple believes those complaints came from Ingram or a representative. After investigating the Nursing Board recommended Mrs. Nance’s license be suspended for a year, which was deferred in 2012.

In December of that year, Mr. Nance, who has worked for the Highway Patrol for 20 years, let his underage son drive his car. The boy crashed into a tree. The Nances say Ingram then pressured Highway Patrol to charge Charles for the incident and also tried to get him transferred out of the county.

The Nances and the sheriff both declined to comment on this story.

The Nances’ civil rights suit seeks compensation and punitive damages

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