TROUBLESHOOTERS: Ad glasses come up empty

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Companies depend on advertising to drive in customers.

One New Hanover County auto repair shop bought advertising from a local company only to have things stall out. Now it’s out the cash and has no ads to show for it.

Bonnie Narron thought it was an advertising goldmine.

“I thought, ‘Wow! This is it!,'” Narron said. “You know, people will touch it, you’ll touch it, look at it.”

Southeast ad pints sells advertising on pint glasses and then distributes those glasses to various restaurants. Narron spent $1,300 to put the name of her company, first quality imports, on 1,200 glasses destined for Sweet & Savory Café.

“We paid for them Oct. 4, and they told me by Nov. 10 the glasses would be in Sweet & Savory,” Narron said.

But Nov. 10 came and went, and no glasses were in the restaurant.

Narron contacted the owner of Southeast Ad Pints Rick Walker numerous times asking about her glasses or a refund. Narron said Walker gave her excuse after excuse.

“Anything from breakage, having problems with them breaking, they were having to redo them, trucking, he was sick, oh my gosh, said his granddaughter was in intensive care in Chapel Hill. I don’t even know if he has a granddaughter,” Narron said.

Another ad customer, Becky Flournoy, who owns Ship Shape detailing, says it took about six months to get her company’s name on pint glasses. The final product, she says, does not make her happy.

“Disappointed compared to what I paid,” Flournoy said. “It was nothing like the proof I had been sent via e-mail. Then I replied to the proof and requested our website be put on the mug, and it was not.”

We contacted Walker to try and get to the bottom of things. He told us he has had multiple problems with these glasses, which caused several delays, and he says he’s even out thousands of dollars himself.

“I told her that I obviously would take care of it,” Walker said about Narron’s problem. “Like I said, I don’t have a lot of money, trying to do what’s best for everybody promised her I would get it back to her by Tuesday.”

The bottom line: Walker promised both Narron and us that she would get reimbursed her money, with interest, next week.

Walker said this is the first he’s heard that Flournoy was disappointed in her ad. He plans to call her discuss it.

As for Narron’s money, we will keep you updated.

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