TROUBLESHOOTERS UPDATE: Mold removed from apartment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After months of living in what woman calls a moldy apartment, finally a resolution.

Last week we told you about Wanda Campbell, who has been trying to get The Glen Apartments to fix several issues. Campbell said it started with a crack in her bathroom ceiling and now there are two holes that leak water when it rains. Wilmington Rapid Mold Removal confirmed there is mold on the ceiling.

After we did a story with Wanda, another resident also stepped forward claiming he’s been dealing with problems for three years.

“And honestly the biggest things that have been of issue have been maintenance around here. When something breaks you go to the office. You know you get ‘yes’ to death. ‘Yeah I’ll put in a maintenance request’ and sometimes they get back to you and sometimes they don’t,” Chris Mussel shared.

But as of today, Campbell’s ceiling and floor have been repaired.

The Glen Apartments management put her in a hotel for two night while they fixed her ceiling.

Maintenance crews have also been at Mussell’s apartment working on what needs to be repaired there.

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