Trump and Biden demonstrations get heated

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Opponents clashed this weekend as two separate demonstrations took place on the corners of Eastwood and Military Cutoff Road.

One for Trump supporters, like Cindy Simpson:

“I think that if you don’t speak up, and you don’t stand for what you believe, then the world can’t hear you.”

And one for Biden supporters, like Heather Cwinklinkski:

“That’s what we hold dear. Our democracy. We feel it’s at a crossroads for this election.”

But according to Cwinklinkski, that’s when things went South.

“We had a gentleman, said Cwinklinkski, “I will call him a gentleman, come across and talk about how the Jews are taking over.”

“He was getting vulgar with my wife,” says the man the assailant hit. “So I went to protect my wife. That’s why I’m here. I’m her husband. So I went to confront the man. Hey, get back on your side. Did what he had to do and sucker punched me.”

Witnesses say the man wasn’t wearing a mask, and ran back across the street, getting into his car and fleeing the scene.

Though the Trump supporters I asked didn’t recognize the man or see what happened, the did offer a recommendation.

“You tell the person that’s condemning the person that threw something at them, identify him, and we’ll ask him not to come with us anymore,” says Ray Bolger, a Trump supporter.

As we spoke, tow trucks pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot where many Trump demonstrators were parked and began towing their cars.

“She says that we’re unlawfully parked over here and she called the police,” stated Michael Angel Reyes, a Trump supporter. “We had one lady already picked up. She had to pay 150 dollars to stop the towing of her car.”

Police were already on the scene, keeping an eye on both sides of the street as ralliers held up signs, yelled into megaphones, and waved at beeping cars full of people who shared their views.

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