Trump campaign confident he will secure 1,400 delegates

Donald Trump’s campaign projects the Republican front-runner will accumulate over 1,400 delegates, nabbing him a first ballot nomination win at the GOP convention in Cleveland, according to an internal memo obtained by ABC News.

The memo, circulated within the Trump campaign late Tuesday night, provided a bullet point list of talking points to Trump surrogates.

“Speaking of Delegates we are working every delegate elected just as hard as the other campaigns the Cruz spin machine produces more lies than anything else,” the memo reads. “Our projections call for us to accumulate over 1400 [sic] delegates and thus a first ballot nomination win in Cleveland. We will get most of the delegates and we will, in just another week, close the door on other candidates getting to 1237 before the convention.”

The memo did not specifically detail how Trump would accumulate those delegates; according to an ABC News estimate, Trump leads his fellow GOP candidates with 844 delegates.

The memo also stated that the campaign is “building out” after recent staff departures.

“Building out our campaign staff to make sure we leave no stone unturned and that we can win this thing on the up and up—not through a rigged set of rules,” referring to the rules established by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The memo suggests that Trump’s campaign “scares the hell out of [the RNC].”

“The RNC has a lot to answer for as do those who are part of the donor class and the party establishment,” it said.

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