Turkey experts ready to help on this National Thaw Day

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Thanksgiving is a week away.

Generations of Americans are using different turkey cooking methods to serve their guests. No matter how you do it, the Butterball Turkey Talk Line is ready to offer some help.

While Americans may be switching their cooking methods, thawing techniques and procedures stay the same. The main tip is make sure to thaw your turkey. That’s why today is National Thaw Day.

The experts at Butterball have a few more tips to make sure your turkey comes out of the oven perfect.

“One of the things that we like to say is make sure that you cook just in an open pan like this. The bird roasts up, so it’s beautiful like this one here,” turkey expert Carol Miller said. “But you want to make sure that you use a small piece of aluminum foil right over the breast of the turkey, and that protects it so that it comes out moist, juicy and tender.”

If you’re looking for more tips or need help with your turkey, the Turkey Talk Line will available through Christmas. You can reach the expert at (800) BUTTERBALL or online at http://www.butterball.com.