Two walk through Cape Fear on 2,500 mile journey for drug addiction awareness

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two men set out on a mission to walk from Key West, Florida to Fort Kent, Maine to raise awareness for drug addiction.

They want to continue to make communities aware of the drug addiction and overdose epidemic. They also want to give those who are addicted or have a loved one who is addicted, a chance to discuss what actions people can take to make changes.

“If you have a loved one suffering from addiction I know it can be frustrating, never stop loving them,” Brett Bramble said.

Bramble started a journey 75 days ago in Key West, Florida. Making his mark along the East Coast to raise awareness for drug addiction.

“We are providing a unique opportunity to bring communities together to talk about this and discuss solutions to the crisis,” Bramble said.

Bramble lost his sister in 2014 to a heroin overdose. After her death he wanted to take action.

“I know that my sister would be very happy. I know that she is actually with me guiding me along the way. Connecting me with people that need to see me at the time or that I need to see. I feel her presence all the time,” Bramble said.

This is not his first hike across the country, but his second. In 2016 he walked from Delaware to San Fransisco also for his lost loved one.

“Our feet hurt, our backs hurt, but our spirits are high,” Bramble said.

The entire trek is 2,500 miles, but both said despite the distance every community they have passed through has given them a lot of hope.

“Cross country long distance walk like this is the kindness of others. Living life at 3 mph literally seeing community to community and everything in between, and realizing that people are good,” Bramble said.

Bramble is not alone on the hike, his friend John Azerolo joined in to help.

“It’s not always sadness and pain, but for the most part we haven’t had a day since we left Key West, Florida 75 days ago that we haven’t talked to someone who hasn’t been impacted by this epidemic,” Azerolo said.

They will have hit their 1,000 mile mark today in Brunswick County.

While in our area the men will work with Back off Brunswick, a group of mothers who are also dedicated to raising awareness. They will make Narcan kits together during their journey.

They are also raising money during their walk for an organization called Freedom to Grow.

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