#UNSOLVED: Families hoping for answers after 3 killed in mass shooting in Wilmington

Mass shooting at party on Kidder Street leaves three people dead and injures four others

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department continues to investigate a mass shooting on Kidder Street in April during a party.

Three people were killed including a teenager.

Destiny Roland, 16, had just graduated high school early and gotten into college for cosmetology.

“Destiny was very outspoken,” Destiny Roland’s grandmother Rita Roland said. “She was just a loving person. She is the type that you could be sad, depressed, going through a lot of things. She could just brighten you up with that smile. She had a smile that would brighten up anyone’s life.”

“At 16, she was graduating early,” Roland’s sister Diamond Roland said. “We had our own apartment together. She was raising her child. She worked every single day.”

Roland also had a 21 month old daughter.

“She was a good mother,” Rita Roland said. “Oh my god. She was a good mother.”

Zieyah Wade, 22, was a father of four.

“He is who kept this family together. I mean he was, he was a loving person,” Wade’s mom Kisha Wade said. He loved his kids. He loved his friends.”

Roland and Wade were two of three people killed at a party on Kidder Street in Wilmington. Kisha Wade says her son and Roland had just left her house that night.

“They walked out that, my side door and we were joking about some Fiji water,” Wade said. “Less than 10 minutes, I got a phone call that he got shot and I’m like, ‘What do you mean he just got shot? He just walked out the door.'”

Detective Shannon Walker with the Wilmington Police Department said it happened just after midnight on April 3, 2021.

“Officers were initially in the area in reference to a suspicious circumstance, suspicious person call. Officers responded out to the area,” Walker said. “They were out on foot. and began hearing gunshots. They called it out. And then began hearing people yelling for help coming from 710 Kidder street.”

That is when the 911 calls started pouring into dispatch.

Dispatch: New Hanover County 911. What’s the address of your emergency?
Caller: 7th and Kidder. I got shot.

Caller: 7th and Kidder. I got shot. I got shot.

Caller: Please, hurry up.
Dispatch: Tell me what happened.
Caller: No. I don’t know. Someone started shooting at a party. We are at a party.

Detective Walker said there were about 30 or more people at a birthday party in the home.

“We know there was a lot of younger people there probably not even in their 20s to be honest with you,” Walker said.

Walker said there were seven victims. Zieyah Wad, Destiny Roland, and Shamir Jones died. Zykeria Crawford, Keyshawn James, Zymiryon Atkins and Valery Orelus were injured. Walker said they have since recovered.

But even with more than two dozen people in the home, Walker said it has been a challenge to get answers.

How is this case not solved? What’s the biggest challenge that you guys are facing?
“People willing to talk to the police,” Walker said. Like I said, being younger people, you know the stigma of talking to police and everything, but at the end of the day, it’s for the families of the victims to try to figure out what happened to loved ones and try to get justice for them.”

Those families are still grieving and still trying to process the loss of a life, a family member, taken far too soon. Roland’s sister, Diamond Roland, and grandmother, Dianne Hayes, are pleading for witnesses to come forward if not for any other reason than for roland’s daughter.

“They are not considering how her child feels, how one day she is going to look back on this and her mommy is not going to be there,” Roland said.

“Just help Amora,” Hayes said. “If you don’t want to help nobody else, just help another child, baby from growing up not knowing what happened to her mother.”

Roland is asking you to put yourself in her shoes.

“I don’t know why everybody is so scared,” Roland said. “If it was their family member, how would they feel? If it was their sister, how would they feel? If it was their loved ones, let’s prevent this from happening to somebody else, because I can never get my sister back… but I at least want justice for her.”

Wade’s mom is also pleading for answers for his kids.

“They say snitches get stitches but he has kids and now his kids have to grow up without a father,” Wade said.

Two families are left heart broken and all praying for justice.

“I want them punished for this,” Wade said. “I want them punished to the fullest extent. Whatever they have to do, I want it done, because I have to live my life without my son. I have to live my life and be strong and look his kids in the face.”

“It’s not over with. Destiny’s death will not be in vain,” Hayes said. It’s too many people, including the people that picked her up. People know. There are so many out there that knows.”

If you have any information, please contact the Wilmington Police Department or use the Wilmington NC PD app to remain anonymous.

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