UPDATE: 10-year-old raising money for Surf City turtle hospital from Paris

PARIS, FRANCE (WWAY) — A ten-year-old boy who has been raising money for the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital in Surf City is at it again, but this time all the way from Paris.

We first told you about Grayson in July 2015. At the time, he lived in Washington DC, but his family would come visit Topsail Island in the summer.

At five years old, Grayson started setting up outside on the streets in DC with a guitar and a poster to tell anyone and everyone all about sea turtles. He would also raise as much money for them as possible.

Then, Grayson would come visit the turtle hospital and Director Jean Beasley in the summer with his family. He would bring Beasley a zip lock bag full of the thousands of dollars he had raised for the turtles that year.

In 2015, Grayson’s family moved to Paris, but that did not stop him. This year, he wants to raise $2,500 to make a total of $10,000 he has raised for the turtle hospital overall.

Click here to help Grayson reach his goal. He has already raised $1,000 so far.

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