Vice President Mike Pence to visit North Carolina on Wednesday

APEX, NC (WWAY) — Vice President Mike Pence will make a visit to Thales Academy in Apex and NCBiotech in Research Triangle Park on Wednesday.

In an email sent Monday, school officials said Pence will visit Thales Academy K-5 to see how school choice works and to advocate for its further implementation.

Pence and his team will be required to pass a COVID-19 test the day before visiting.

They will visit one classroom with social distancing being maintained throughout. Vice President Pence will then hold a roundtable on school choice with a small group of staffers.

After visiting the academy, Pence will tour NCBiotech, which is conducting Phase-III trials for a Coronavirus vaccine.

In the email, school officials also said students will not have homework Tuesday and will have to leave their book bags at school that night but they can bring lunch bags home and back.

The private school opted to open schools for in-person instruction July 20 along with virtual learning.

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