Viral video of malfunctioning amusement park ride prompts question: How safe are rides in NC?

(WWAY) — A video of a malfunctioning thrill ride at a Michigan festival has gone viral, prompting some to ask questions about the safety of rides here in North Carolina.

The video shows the magic carpet ride at the National Cherry Festival in Michigan rocking back and forth.

Bystanders jump on the platform trying to hold it down.

Here in North Carolina, Tommy Petty with the Department of Labor says amusement rides like the ones in Carolina Beach must meet manufacturer specifications and state laws before getting a stamp of approval.

“They are looking at every nut, bolt, fastener, washer, electrical circuit, make sure all the switches- the stop switch, the emergency stop does what it’s supposed to,” Petty said. “The ride is running at the proper speed, all the safety devices, the seat belts.”

Petty says sometimes rides will get cracked during transport and must be properly repaired and inspected by a welder before opening.

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