VOTE 2012 Voter Guide

Who’s on the ballot this election year? Check out our comprehensive list of all the races in the Cape Fear.

Polls are open until 7:30 p.m.


President of the United States
Barack Obama (D)*
Roger Gary (L)
R.J. Harris (L)
Gary Johnson (L)
Carl Person (L)
Bill Still (L)
Lee Wrights (L)
Newt Gingrich (R) (suspended campaign 5.2.12)
Ron Paul (R)
Mitt Romney (R)
Rick Santorum (R) (suspended campaign 4.10.12)

Bruce Blackmon (D)
Walter Dalton (D)
Gary M. Dunn (D)
Bob Etheridge (D)
Bill Faison (D)
Gardenia M. Henley (D)
Barbara Howe (L)
Jim Harney (R)
Jim Mahan (R)
Pat McCrory (R)
Charles Kenneth Moss (R)
Paul Wright (R)
Scott A. Jones (R)

Lieutenant Governor
Linda D. Coleman (D)
Eric L. Mansfield (D)
Dale Folwell (R)
Dan Forest (R)
Tony Gurley (R)
Grey Mills (R)
Arthur Jason Rich (R)

Attorney General
Roy Cooper (D)*

Beth A. Wood (D)*
Joseph Hank Debragga (R)
Greg Dority (R)
Debra Goldman (R)
Fern Shubart (R)
Rudy Wright (R)

Commissioner of Agriculture
Scott Bryant (D)
Walter Smith (D)
Bill McManus (R)
Steve Troxler (R)*

Commissioner of Insurance
Wayne Goodwin (D)*
Mike Causey (R)
James McCall (R)
Richard Morgan (R)

Commissioner of Labor
John C. Brooks (D)
Marlowe Foster (D)
Ty Richardson (D)
Cherie Berry (R)*

Secretary of State
Elaine Marshall (D)*
Michael (Mike) Beitler (R)
A.J. Daoud (R)
Kenn Gardner (R)
Ed Goodwin (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
June Atkinson (D)*
Rick Glazier (D) (Withdrawn)
Richard Alexander (R)
Mark Crawford (R)
Ray Ernest Martin (R)
David Scholl (R)
John Tedesco (R)

Janet Cowell (D)*
Ron Elmer (D)
Frank Roche (R)
Steve Royal (R)

Constitutional Amendment
Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.

US House of Representatives
District 3
Erik Anderson (D)
Walter B. Jones (R)*
Frank Palombo (R)

District 7
Mike McIntyre (D)*
Randy Crow (R)
Ilario Pantano (R)
David Rouzer (R)

NC Senate
District 8 (Bladen, Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender)
Danny Hefner (D)
Bill Rabon (R)*

District 9 (New Hanover)
Deb Butler (D)
Thom Goolsby (R)*

District 13 (Columbus, Robeson)
Michael Walters (D)
W. Bernard White Jr. (R)

NC House
District 16 (Pender, Onslow)
Jeff Howell (R)
Chris Millis (R)
Timothy (Tim) Thomas (R)

District 17 (Brunswick)
Lundia Washington (D)
Frank Iler (R)*

District 18 (Brunswick, New Hanover)
James A. Knox (D)
Susi Hamilton (D)*
Louis Harmati (R)

District 19 (New Hanover)
Ted Davis Jr. (R)
Dean Lambeth (R) (Withdrawn 3/2/12)
Emilie Swearingen (D)

District 20 (New Hanover)
Rick Catlin (R)
Tom Gale (D)

District 22 (Bladen, Sampson, Johnston)
William Brisson (D)*
Matt Dixon (D)

District 46 (Columbus, Bladen, Robeson)
Al Leonard Jr. (D)
Ken Waddell (D)
Gaston (G.L.) Pridgen (R)

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Newby Seat)
Sam J. Ervin, IV
Paul Martin Newby*

Court of Appeals (McGee Seat)
Linda McGee*
David S. Robinson

Court of Appeals (Bryant Seat)
Marty McGee
Wanda Bryant*

Court of Appeals (Thigpen Seat)
Chris Dillon
Cressie Thigpen*

District Court Judge District 5 (Corpening Seat)
J.H. Corpening II*

District Court Judge District 5 (Criner Seat)
Sandra Ray Criner*

District Court Judge District 5 (Davis Seat)
Richard Russell Davis*

District Court Judge District 5 (Noecker Seat)
Jeffrey Evan Noecker*

District Court Judge District 5 (Robinson Seat)
Robin Wicks Robinson*

District Court Judge District 13 (Barefoot Seat)
W. Richard Cox
Pauline Hankins
Sheila K. McLamb
Catherine Howlett Radford

District Court Judge District 13 (Jolly Seat)
Willie Fred Gore (withdrawn 2.20.12)
Jerry Arnold Jolly*

District Court Judge District 13 (Ussery Seat)
Scott L. Ussery*

District Court Judge District 13 (Warren Seat)
Marion Roscoe Warren*

Bladen County
County Commission (Countywide) (3)
Albert C. Beatty (D)
G. Michael Cogdell (D)
Leon Dowless (D)
David Gooden (D)*
Hiram Hester (D)
James G. (Jimmie) Smith (D)*
Bill Ray Pait (R)*

County Commission District 1
Delilah B. Blanks (D)*
Robert "Jacobs" Brooks (D)
Bryan B. Martin (R)

County Commission District 2
Daniel R. Dowless (D)*
Berry Lewis (D)

County Commission District 3
Wayne Edge (D)
Kenneth M. Register (D)
Lewis C. Tatum (D)*

School Board District 1
Ophelia Munn-Goins (D)*

School Board District 2
Wilbur Smith Jr. (D)*

School Board District 3
Bonnell Walker (D)*

Brunswick County
County Commission District 3
Joe Agovino (R)
Jwantana Frink (R)
Pat Sykes (R)
Charles Warren (R)*

County Commission District 4
Brenda Faye McMillian (D)
Scott Phillips (R)*

County Commission District 5
Michael A. Ballard (D)
Frank Williams (R)
Don Yousey (R)

Board of Education District 1
Ray Gilbert (D)
Olaf (Bud) Thorsen (R)*

Board of Education District 2
Lorene Hewett Williams (D)
Catherine Cooke (R)*

Board of Education District 4
Tom Simmons (D)
Shirley Babson (R)*

Greg White (D)*
S. Kenneth Holden (R) (Withdrawn)

Register of Deeds
Brenda Mercer Clemmons (R)*

Riegelwood Sanitary District (Election Nov. 6)
Wayne (Smitty) Austin
Earl Brown
Eddie R. Caines
R. Maurice Hobbs
Sam Hunt
Ronald McPherson
Mike Porter

Soil and Water District Supervisor (1 Seat) Note: filing for Soil and Water is June 11-July 6

Columbus County
County Commission District 2
Tim Blackmon (D)
Michael Lewis (D)
James E. Prevatte (D)*

County Commission District 3
Giles E. (Buddy) Byrd (D)*
Perry Dixon (D)

County Commission District 4
P. Edwin Russ (D)*

County Commission – District 5
Trent Burroughs (D)

Register of Deeds
Kandance H. Whitehead (D)*

New Hanover County
County Commission (3)
Jonathan Barfield Jr. (D)*
Robert C. Murray (D)
Stephen M. Vosnock (D)
Robert Zapple (D)
Beth Dawson (R)
Derrick G. Hickey (R)
Frank Christopher Meares (R)
Claud "Buck" O’Shields (R)
Jason Thompson (R)*
Woody White (R)

Register of Deeds
Jennifer Hardison MacNeish (D)*
Tammy T. Beasley (R)

Board of Education (3)
Karen Clay Beatty (D)
Erica Fester (D)
Elizabeth Redenbaugh (D)*
Emma Saunders (D)
Steve Bilzi (R)
Tammy Covil (R)
Lisa B. Estep (R)
Tom Heitman (R)
Jeannette S. Nichols (R)*

Pender County
County Commission District 4
Franklin "F.D." Rivenbark (D)*
Fred McCoy (R)

County Commission District 5
Jimmy T. Tate (D)*

Register of Deeds
Faye Teachey Prevatte (R)*

School Board District 3
Thurman E. Lewis Jr.
Karen L. Rouse*

School Board District 5
Brad George
Karen S. Gonzales*

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