WATCH: Sea Turtle Protection Program furthers research, record measurements for turtle nesting along coast

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Thursday evening the Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program say they received a call about a nesting turtle on the beach.

When they arrived, the turtle was already heading back into the ocean. But they say they were still able to scan the female turtle for tags, as well as measure, video, and take pictures.

The organization says the turtle didn’t lay eggs at that location, but they received another call about an hour later about a turtle nesting in another location.

When they arrived the group discoved it was the same turtle from earlier. Although it took longer than normal, they say the turtle did nest at that location.

The Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection program reminds people they hold the permit from the NCWRC to get close to get data and information that will help in research.

They say they wait until the turtle is headed back to the ocean before doing their research so they do not disturb them.

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