Watertown lockdown and manhunt hit close to home for WWAY

WATERTOWN, MA (WWAY) — The tragedy of the Marathon bombings in Boston and the Watertown lockdown has hit close to home for WWAY.

Sarah Murphy has been keeping in contact with a friend who lives in Watertown and a former intern who works in the area, Friday evening.

When Sarah first talked to her friend Brendan Burke and our former intern, who did not want to be named for security reasons, they were both on edge about the lockdown and the manhunt going on in Watertown. Talking to them after the capture of Dzkokhar Tsaraev was a completely different story.

When investigators announced they had Tsaraev in custody Friday, Watertown residents felt a sense of relief.

“I couldn’t be happier, and the fact that they think he’s alive right now and you can get answers and pull as much information from him from his as possible; justice has been served,” said Burke.

Residents were also comforted to know that the streets are once again sound.

“It’s good to know the streets are safe and peace has been restored and we can go back to normal life,” said Burke.

Our former intern said she is at peace knowing that officials have Suspect 2 in custody, and that the search was not prolonged another day.

“When it’s dark out it’s easier for him to move around and maybe hide, or go to a different location. I am just so thankful, not only for me, but for everyone in the greater Boston area that they can sleep easier tonight without thinking that this crazy person, who potentially has a ton of bombs and gun fire on him, is roaming,” she said.

Burke and our former intern are both looking forward to Boston resuming to its normal routine.

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