Wave Transit brings rides on demand to you

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — Instead of walking to bus stops, a new Wave Transit Program will bring a ride to you.

Taking a cue from ride share apps, Wave Transit’s Marie Parker says it will cater to those too far from normal bus routes with Microtransit, all for a fraction of the price of Ubers of Lyfts.

“You’d be able to pull up the app in my phone or call into the call center and schedule someone to come pick you up,” Parker said. “And they’ll take you to a transfer point on the local bus line that will take you to a stop in downtown, and you’ll be able to use the bus lines downtown.”

Public transit users are thrilled, as the new app would minimize waits, shorten commutes, and connect riders in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender counties.

“I’m very excited about that,” said rider, True Flowers. “I won’t have to be in the heat as much.”
Another woman saying, “Oh yes, yeah I’ll take it.”
Steven Neely, a Wilmington transplant said, “I’ll think about it consider it. I will consider it.”

One commuter excited to see the service help elderly men and women, who make up a big portion on Wave’s riders.

“I saw old lady was sitting in a walker. Waiting for bus an hour. It’s going to help other people.”

According to Parker, “It’s going to be mobility for people who don’t currently have it. Either people with disabilities or seniors or people without cars.”

Thanks to grants, the whole project will roll out October 1, offering rides to more people than ever before at no additional cost to tax payers.

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” Parker continued. “We’re going to be serving people with pubic transit that have never had to service. Just to give them access where they haven’t had it before will be a game changer.”

According to Parker, one-way bus fares are typically two dollars in New Hanover County. This new on-demand project could only cost riders a few dollars more.

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