Wave Transit wins ‘Transit System of the Year’

Marie Parker And David Rhew 1
Wave Transit Executive Director Marie Parker and NCPTA Executive Director David Rhew (Photo: Brianna D’Itri/Wave Transit)

WILMINGTON, NC – Wave Transit was named ‘Transit System of the Year’ at the 2022 North Carolina Public Transportation Association (NCPTA) conference.

The honor is awarded to one urban transit system annually for its creation, expansion, or innovation of transportation services.

The award was announced during a recognition ceremony at the NCPTA conference, held April 11-13th in Charlotte, which brings together urban, rural, and regional transportation providers, community and business leaders, and local, state, and federal representatives.

Wave Transit’s Executive Director Marie Parker attended the conference and accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

“We are proud to honor the work of the Wave Transit team with this urban system transit of the year award.” said David Rhew, Executive Director of the North Carolina Public Transportation Association. “Under Marie Parker’s leadership, Wave is poised to further develop a sustainable and reliable transit system that will serve the people of the Cape Fear region well. I’m excited to watch this community come together to make it happen.”

Over the last year, Wave Transit launched new transportation services, adopted future system improvements for implementation, enhanced existing services, made capital and technological improvements, and adapted to the new and growing needs of the Wilmington community, all while rebounding from the effects of the pandemic.

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