WFD unveils new firefighter monument

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department is honoring fallen firefighters both locally and across the country with the unveiling of a new monument.

Wednesday the department unveiled a new memorial at the Empie Park fire station.

The center piece of the monument is a piece of World Trade Center steel held up by a life-sized bronze statue of a firefighter.

Another special feature is the seven markers with the names of Wilmington firefighters killed while in the line of duty.

“Every day they come to work and they’re ready to help us and save our lives,” said Wendy Giannini. “They go into places that regular human beings don’t want to be, like in World Trade and the fires that are happening all around the country right now. They’re brave whole hearted family men who are dedicated to their jobs and their communities.”

The department is sell shirts and taking donations to help pay off the construction of the memorial.

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