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‘We need some help’: Firefighter urges NC lawmakers to pass cancer bill

A Raleigh man who went from fighting fires to fighting cancer is now fighting for easier access to cancer treatment.

Firemen train to respond to airport emergencies

Some Cape Fear firefighters are in the middle of specialized training this week to make sure they can respond to even the most rare emergency.

Firefighters calm girl’s fears after car crash by allowing her to paint their fingernails

Who knew nail polish would calm the fears of a young girl? A Utah fire chief and captain knew, of course.

Whiteville fire station illuminates night to remember fallen heroes

The Whiteville Fire Department is lighting up the night in memory of fallen firefighters.

OBX gets help from the Cape Fear region

While Hurricane Dorian gave us a glancing blow, it battered the Outer Banks causing major damage to homes along the barrier islands.

Firefighters honor the 9/11 victims in a memorial ride

If you were in the Wilmington area, you may have noticed several motorcycles jetting down Market Street.

343 boots displayed at Southport fire station in remembrance of 9/11

Hundreds of boots are on display outside the fire headquarters in Southport in remembrance of September 11, 2001.

Search for missing firefighters to be suspended

The search for two firefighters who went missing during a fishing trip off the coast of Florida last week will suspend at sundown on Thursday, officials announced.

NC organization helps give firefighters life-saving equipment for pets

Firefighters on the Outer Banks are getting life-saving equipment for free thanks to the Coastal Humane Society.

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