What you need to know about switching vaccine brands for second booster

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Now that the FDA has approved a second Covid-19 booster of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, some people are wondering, “Can I switch the brand of vaccine for booster doses?”

Doctor Paul Kamitsuka is an Infectious Disease Physician with Wilmington Health and he says that you most certainly can mix and match, however; he says that the second booster dose only provides about two months of protection against the infectious disease.

“The virus has become so much more contagious that it’s going to be critically important to mask regardless of whether or not there are mandates (in place),” Kamitsuka explained, “If you do not want to get Covid, just wear your mask anytime you’re in an indoor environment.”

He does not advise getting the second booster dost unless there is another surge of the virus.

However, he does recommend getting the second booster if you plan to travel to a place where there is a surge, and if you are immuno-compromised.

Kamitsuka says even if you are vaccinated and boosted, you should continue to mask indoors. For the best protection, he recommends the N-95 or K-N-95 mask.

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