Wheelz Pizza offers ‘zero contact’ delivery option amid coronavirus outbreak

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  Coronavirus isn’t stopping pizza delivery in Wilmington.

One local shop is taking sanitation to the next level with deliveries and cranking up the heat in the oven.

‘How to deliver pizza with as little human contact as possible?’ is a a question that puzzled Wheelz Pizza for days.

“Typical scenario, drivers will pick up the box without gloves on and they’ll pick up multiple boxes go out to the delivery, ring the doorbell, touch a doorknob,” Paul Parker, Wheelz Pizza owner said. “There’s just a lot of touching going on.”

But, Parker says the team was able to come up with a solution.

“The pizza is taken out of an 800 degree oven, cut, boxed and it’s slid into a Ziploc bag,” Parker said. “Therefore, no human contact.”

Parker says, in house, kitchen workers have always and still will wear gloves and there is no more community phone. Every worker has their own.

Everyone was on board with these decisions except one.

“We’re asking the drivers not to accept cash tip,” Parker said.

But, Parker says health and safety is a priority.

“I think we are probably in an overkill stage right now, but I want to be very proactive,” Parker said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen in Wilmington. There’s a lot of uncertainty around this and I really want to continue until I see the curve really drop significantly in new cases.”

Wheelz Pizza is offering a new delivery option. Customers can choose the ‘no-contact’ option online and have deliveries left at their door.

“The customer can put in the comments section that they prefer having the box literally delivered to the doorstep,” Parker said. “The driver steps back six feet. The driver calls them on the cell phone and let’s them know the pizza is ready and in that scenario there is zero human contact.”

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