When will kids be able to return to class?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With school closures, parents are wondering when kids will go back to class especially with the damage some of the New Hanover County shelters sustained.

Superintendent Tim Markley says they are hoping to have kids back in school by the first week in October.

He’s gone and seen some of the schools like Trask Middle and Laney High. He says this experience has been rough for families and teachers who are now homeless.

The school district is also looking at the possibility of relocating students to other schools.

“We’re looking at, if we got a school that we can’t get back up and running, then we need to shift some students around,” Markley said. “We’re actually, timing wise, we’ve got several year round schools that are about to go on to intercession, so I may need to temporarily relocate to a school that’s on intercession while I have another week to fix a particular school.”

The school district is also working with state officials to figure out what will happen with make-up days with the potential to forgive some of those make-up days because of the natural disaster.

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